Monday, August 11, 2008

Alternative Energy Roundtable

The Carver Community Organization, Inc. and
EnviroKinetics, Inc. will present the Alternative Energy Roundtable

September 8, 2008
8:00am - 1:00pm
The Centre
Evansville, Indiana

The one-day workshop will consist of: 1) a Panel discussion for industry experts addressing key energy and environmental issues; 2) a Career Development session for High School and College students; and 3) an Exhibition Hall showcasing innovative residential and commercial products, free demonstrations on low-cost energy saving tips for homes, hourly raffles of energy saving products and gasoline coupon give-aways.

The Career Development component of the workshop will focus on exposing students and recent college graduates to environmental and alternative energy opportunities/initiatives at colleges, community organizations and local industries. The career networking session will also include lunch. The luncheon is the first step in a process to increase participation and awareness of the environmental and energy fields and to prepare students for gainful careers in the technical, industrial and energy conservation fields. It will allow an exchange between academia/local industry and students to examine interests and explore career possibilities. EnviroKinetics, Inc. will coordinate outreach efforts to identify technology-oriented students for participation in this segment. To highlight this event, a scholarship award will be presented to high school students who embodies the academic discipline, community participation and vision to continue the path as a future environmentalist and/or scientist.

Carver’s Environmental Resource Center, funded in 1999 by a US EPA grant, is
dedicated to protecting the air, soil and water in Southwest Indiana. The objective of the Center is to assess environmental hazards and develop strategies to promote sustainable communities through increased outreach, education, and participation throughout diverse neighborhoods in Evansville, Indiana.

Carver delivers environmental information and services directly into communities. Through a partnership spearheaded by EnviroKinetics, it works to clean up neighborhoods by promoting the efficient use of natural resources, energy conservation and implementation of environmental protection programs. The public participation programs are the creation of community-based policies, plans, programs and projects that reflect a shared vision of the future. EnviroKinetics has assembled an exciting team of organizations, colleges and universities, industry executives and state and local officials to exchange ideas and discuss sustainable solutions to our current
energy challenges.

Industry experts will share information and knowledge on a broad range of energy conservation initiatives, renewable/alternative energy resources and clean energy research technologies, as well as an overview of the enforcement and accountability of the US Environmental Laws from the Federal and State levels.

Session I
Dr. Joanne Alexandrovich, Office of Ozone, Vanderburgh County Health Department
Laura Ann Arnold, President, Indiana Renewable Energy Association
Donald J. Challman, Associate Director & General Manager
University of Kentucky, Center for Applied Energy Research
Paul D. Medcalf, Corporate Services Manager, Workforce & Economic
Development, Ivy Tech Community College

Session II
Dona Bergman, Director, Evansville’s Office of EPA
John A. Rupp, Assistant Director

The Exhibition Hall is open to the public from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Due to limited seating @ the Alternative Energy Roundtable panel discussion, RSVP is required. For more information, please contact
Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (CECE), Vectren, IVY Tech, KAY, Morton Energy